Watermelon Whatchamacallit

Drink this in the sun.  Do it with your friends, your lover, on your own, with your cat, whatever…

Watermelon Martini

I love me a short strong drink, you’ll already have read about the perfect martini. In the trendy bars this would be called a watermelon martini, it’s blitzed with ice though which puts me in mind of a margarita – call it what you want.  If you’ve made the delicious salad linked below, you will have some watermelon left over.  I highly recommend you do. Serve it up with some flat bread and homemade lamb kofta and your friends will definitely come back, bringing liquor and love.

I used my Nutribullet for evil – sorry James. Any blender will do though. To be fair, I have also made this in it –

Spinach, Raspberry, Peach and sunflower seed nutribullet

therefore I feel virtuous, drinking spinach does that to you.

You need:

A blender

A martini or short-ball glass

1 lime

Some watermelon


Vodka – I’m drinking Skyy because it’s made in my favourite city (SF) and it was an amazing price in duty free. Putin may have something to do with it too.

Method for one with Watermelon Martini/ Margini /Margatini/drink

Plug in your blender.

Put in a handful of ice, a handful of de-seeded watermelon chunks 25/50mls of Vodka ( to taste and stamina) and 5ml of lime juice.

Turn on your blender. Pour into your glass.

Watermelon drink- Done. (I’m watching kitchen nightmares).

I think a little drop of triple sec will work in here too, play around and let me know how it tastes.

ps I’ve had the one in the photo whilst writing this.  Any grammatical errors are nowt to do with me.


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