Hangfire Smokehouse


Let’s face it, we really don’t get barbecue in this country. Don’t get me wrong, I like a charred sausage as much as the next person and to be fair in this house we do know a little about indirect heat and marinades. However, that’s just not what BBQ is about in the states. It’s about long, slow cooking. Its about smoke and meat and sauces. I learned about Hang Fire via my twitter feed. It’s run by Shauna and Sam, they roamed the States learning everything they could about what barbecue is all about. And, oh my, it certainly shows in the food. They currently reside in The Canadian in Splott, which feels very much like a local that lets everyone join in. We had a brisket plate and the Hang Fire plate so we could basically get a taste of everything on the menu.

At Hang fire they smoke the meat until its so tender you really only need your fingers to eat it, you then add your choice of the homemade sauces they have to offer. It was ALL good. Pulled pork should be velveteen soft, with little bits of crispy fat for you to joyfully crunch into – it was. The brisket was smoky and tender, the Texas Espresso BBQ sauce made the meat do a little dance in my mouth. In fact, all the sauces were different and delicious, which was a real treat for me as a consummate condiment collector. The sides were equally as delicious, a good, not too over mayonnaised coleslaw and smoked, sweet glossy BBQ beans were my favourite.

You can’t book a table and once they are sold out you’re out of luck. Mosey on down to the Canadian, put some Johnny Cash on the jukebox and get down and dirty. I think they may be in collaboration with Porters in town soon. Don’t miss this one.

Oh, and the Key lime pie by the local Inner City Pickle? I floated home.

1003165_10153063020210523_1269035718_n BOgdSDcCIAEEZ0w

Hang fire @The Canadian, Pearl St,, CF24 1PN Cardiff

and Porters, Sunday’s thru August 2013

07751 052111




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